FTS application was made keeping in mind new age child security in school time and transport time. We have provided a system like a bridge between child and Parents who are busy in providing for a good life to their kids.
Our application is an intuitive yet powerful, new generation childcare solution in form of a mobile & web application for parents, teachers and the school management. It can track and monitor activities of children for parents, & does lot more.

  • Tracking school transport with the help of GPS enabled devices and mobile phones of drivers.
  • Track children with a GPS enabled ID card to provide real-time location and security violation alerts.
  • Automating school administration work to keep everything just a click away.
  • Complete trace-ability of students with a GPS enabled ID card.
  • Real time location tracking and history playing.
  • ID card facilitating two-way communication in case of emergency.
  • Real time attendance marking for dual tracking.
  • Alerts on any update on the kid’s whereabouts.
  • Provision of SOS
  • School vehicle tracking for school management and parents.
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