Freegan Tech Solution .NET desktop application development team is experienced in developing Windows GUI applications (Windows Forms or WinForms), Windows Console applications, Windows Smart Client apps using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Windows Store Apps for Windows 8.

We can build a traditional application that runs on Windows server, desktop or laptop computers We love building this kind of app because of the power and flexibility that .Net Winforms and WPF provide. We have a wealth of application development experience gained over 30 years in the business and are able to cover requirements ranging from single user desktop utilities to multi-user, enterprise-scale systems.


An application that runs on Windows desktop is known as WinForm. Windows applications will have graphical user interface (GUI). With the GUI the designing of the application becomes easy and fast. WinForm is taken for, Windows Forms and is a name attributed to the graphical class library called GUI, that is included in the Microsoft.Net framework. It is a platform where you can write client applications for PCs, laptops, desktops and tablets. It is considered as a replacement for the C++, that is based on Microsoft Foundation Class Library. However it only acts as a platform for the user interface supposedly in multi-tier solution.

  • Windows Forms application is based on Microsoft's .Net platform. It is an event driven application.
  • It does not work like a batch program, rather the user has to take initiative to perform tasks.
  • It provides access to the native Windows User Interface Common Controls with the Windows API.
  • It provides a comprehensive abstraction with the Win32 API.

How WinForm can benefit you?

  • Windows applications are easy to develop. It has more flexibility both in effects and in views. Therefore the user prefers to have an interface that is based on Windows.
  • To run the application, you have to install an Windows based app on your machine.
  • It can be installed on tablets, desktops or laptops as per the convenience of the user.
  • Windows application runs faster than Web application.
  • It is fast and therefore saves a lot of time in the processes of installation and un-installation.
  • Updates and upgradation are launched in frequent intervals and is done easily and requires less time, compared to other applications.
  • You might switch over to WPF but technically if you need to work with a lot more codes than WinForm is preferable.
  • WinForms fits to the legacy system i.e.2000
  • Since WinForm is in the market for a long time now, developers are more experienced and skilled in working with WinForm.
  • There might be other apps with in-box controls which are ready to use but in WinForm the developer can customize and create new controls and also bring into third party libraries.
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