Our dedicated web application development team experts bring in over 14 years of domain experience. FTS delivered by power businesses across various industries: healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, travel and telecommunications.

  • We have designed, deployed, promoted and provided consultation services to various businesses and their verticals across the country and the world. Our website designs have been praised for their blend of both - visual appeal and function (UI). Every project is deployed using a strong technical process that helps bring visual appeal and usability soundness.
  • FTS provide Custom solutions, the custom web applications we develop easily become an integral part of existing business systems.
  • We have developed outsourced products that now empower 50% of Fortune 100+ companies. We apply this experience to our web development for software product companies and non-IT enterprises.
  • We have developed Web Application in part based on latest technology:
    Frontend Development
    Backend development
    Database development
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Web Application Development