Our agent B2B, B2C system was designed to deliver the power to rapidly grow up with providing robust technology for both online and offline booking with complete Booking management system for different types of HOTELS, RESORTS VILLAs, APPARTMENTS and etc. Including features like:

  • Multiple user management system
  • Optimize and advance mark-up controls and monitoring booking logs across multiple user levels.
  • Large number of Hotel suppliers.
  • Over 250,000 genuine hotels across the globe
  • Robust B2B Hotel Booking Engine
  • Continuing customer support , 24*7 customer and product support accessibility.
  • Better understandable in pricing and billing concepts- mark up calculated on GROSS AVAILABLE RATES

Our significant market understanding, hotel supplier connections, and marketing capabilities are all brought together we enable our customers to achieve success. Benefits with HOTEL BOOKING ENGINE (B2B and B2C): The Hotel Booking Engine is one of the highly profitable solutions available to all our customers and clients. The margin of profit of B2C Hotel is more than B2B Hotel. So, the opportunity is massive.

Most important factor is correctly combining the appropriate hotel wholesale suppliers with the right distribution capabilities to develop your sales significantly. Regardless if you're searching to integrating a new hotel supplier to your present system, or starting a new hotel reservation system we offer more than just technology Whether you are looking for Net or Gross hotel suppliers, we can offer you wide selection of both. Net suppliers provide you possibility to control your gross and mark up rates, redistribute products over agent network and earn 15 – 30% on each booking.

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